Chess Champions at Earley St Peter’s

9th November 2014

Last Saturday afternoon saw thirty three players from all corners of Berkshire descend upon Earley St. Peter’s school hall for another chess competition organised by the Berkshire Junior Chess Association with help from our resident chess master, Mr Avenell.

Thirteen pupils from our school took on players from other schools in the county some of whom represent both Berkshire and England at junior level, as well as some aspiring young players still finding their way in the complicated game of tactics and mental agility which is chess.

Event organizer, Brent Smith, from BCA was so impressed with our hospitality last year that he was very keen to come back, and once again the pupils, parents, staff and governors of the school did everyone proud.

“Never have I seen so many young people in our school hall with the noise level so low (with the exception of SATS week of course)” 

Each player played 6 games of chess to a strict time limit against 6 different players. A running total of wins, draws and losses were recorded and this dictated your next opponent. The scoring system was further amended depending on your individual chess ranking which was pre-determined by your experience and ability (similar to a golf handicap).

At the end of six matches there was a cup for the only player unbeaten and a second trophy for the player with the best score from the lower ranked chess players.

Much more importantly there were teas and coffees as well as fizzy drinks and a tuck shop open throughout the event which was run by ESP parents.

Mr A was the only player who failed to win a game … too much tea drinking perhaps?

A great time was had by all those who played and congratulations to James Ma who was the highest ranked player from ESP and only missed out on the second trophy on count-back (something which is as complicated as the offside rule in football so I won’t go into any detail). 

So if you want to have a go yourself why not see Mr. A and get some more details? (that’s details about playing chess not drinking tea ….)

A very big thank you to Mr Avenell!