District Sports

13th July 2015

On Friday 3rd July, 29 year 4 to year 6 pupils attended the District Sports Athletics Competition at Palmer Park. This is the biggest competition of the year with 20 schools taking part. We had some outstanding team and individual performances with the boys group coming second and the girls third; as a result Earley St Peter’s finished a fantastic second overall.

Boys’ 60m Sprint: Emmanuel 2nd

Boys’ 80m Sprint: Tariq 3rd and Ben 6th

Boys’ 80m Relay: Tariq, Ben, Ethan and Andy 3rd

Boys’ 60m Relay: Emmanuel, Jonah, Moname and Rafi 3rd

Boys’ Long Jump: Andy 1st

Cricket Ball Throw: Liam 6th

Mixed 60m Relay: Ben, Emile, Daniel, Hanisha, Caitlin and Grace 1st

Girls’ 80m Sprint: Liani 1st and Chloe 6th

Girls’ Long Jump: Liani 2nd

Girls’ 80m Relay: Liani, Chloe, Saara and Caitlin 3rd

Mr Avenell and Mrs Heyworth would like to thank all the pupils for their positive, supportive spirit and camaraderie throughout the event. Thank you too to all those parents who helped walk the children there and back and who came along to add their support. A truly great day was had by all. Mr A