Earley Town Mayor visits ESP

27th February 2015
On Friday the 27th February we invited the Mayor of Earley to visit our school to share in our recent success of being ranked second in the Wokingham Primary Schools Guide. We really appreciate the time that our distinguished guest gave up from her busy schedule to be with our pupils and discuss the British values of democracy and tolerance.
The visit started in the hall where the Mayor was able to meet pupils of KS1 and give an engaging speech about the impact her role has on the local community whilst encouraging children to think about the impact they have on their community.
The Mayor was also given a tour of the school by Year 5 children and was given a taste of school life from role-playing in Nursery to listening to Year 4 children practise their brass instruments. The Mayor frequently commented on how happy and well-mannered the children were.
Finally, the Mayor had an audience with our own school council in our new classroom. It was a fantastic opportunity for members to explore how democratic processes have allowed them to be a voice for our pupils and discuss the similarities between the school council and the town council. It also offered them a time of reflection to consider the responsibility their role brings.
We wish to thank the Mayor for visiting Earley St Peter’s and supporting us in our bright future ahead.
Mr Powley