International Buffet

10th June 2015

Lesley Goad, PSA, joined our team in January 2015 and it was Lesley’s inspirational idea to hold an International Buffet to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures here at ESP.

I have lost count of the numbers of pupils, parents, staff, governors and members of our wider school community who have come to say how much they enjoyed the International Buffet we held on 10th June.

The generosity and willingness of our school community to participate in school events never ceases to impress us and our International Buffet was no exception.  There was food from many different countries on offer for us to sample - Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Brazil, Jamaica, New Zealand, Latvia, Kurdistan, France, Turkey, Portugal, Scotland, Wales, England and probably more but some of the reply slips were not available and I know a lot of recipe swapping took place.

Not only did we have the pleasure of tasting favourite dishes on offer but we also enjoyed dance performances including Zumba, English Country Dancing, Capoeira, and Bollywood.

The afternoon really captured the essence of life at ESP with the wonderful mix of cultures being enjoyed by all.