P.E. and Sports

At Earley St Peter's we are committed to encouraging pupils to follow an active and healthy lifestyle. We believe that the skills learnt through sports, including competitive and team sports, instil many of our Christian values such as respect, honesty and service. Through engaging in sports and healthy lifestyle activities, our pupils are able to serve the local community and build strong foundations for the future. 

Earley St Peter's vs Wheatfields Primary 

Written by by Ryan, Zak and Adarsh

The Year 6 football team went to Wheatfields Primary School in Winnersh. The team consisted of Ryan, Zak, Prince, Alex, Adarsh, Aadam, Ayaan and Aalap.

It all began when Alex scored the first goal and from then on we built up momentum. We played exceptionally well as a team. We rotated positions and everyone had time on and off the pitch, therefore everyone in the team managed to score a goal. We scored some really good goals: top corner, bottom corner, dribbling round the keeper and back-heels.

Considering it was our opponent’s first ever competitive league match, they played extremely well and even-though they were losing, they kept working hard right until the end of the match.

Alex scored 5, followed by Zak scoring 4, with Ryan and Prince scoring 3 each. Ayaan, Aadam and Aalap scored 1 each. Adarsh (our goalkeeper) came outfield in the second half and scored the last goal of the game. Overall, we won 19-0, played well and persevered together as a team.

We want to thank all of the adults who gave up their time to support us, take us to the match and run our training sessions.  

Earley St Peter's Girls vs Hawkedon Primary School
Written by Jennifer and Sukhmani 
Year 5 and 6 girls represented the school in a football match against Hawkedon Primary School. The final score was 3-2 to ESP but Hawkedon were resilient throughout the match. The first goal was scored by Heidi in the first half. In the second half, Maria and Heidi followed that up with 2 further goals. Despite a strong comeback from Hawkedon, we persevered and managed to win the game. 
We would like to thank all of the teachers and parents that have supported us in football training and throughout the match.