When children join us at Earley St Peter’s we work closely with their feeder nurseries and pre-schools to ensure a smooth transition for the children. Our children settle quickly in September and soon become independent learners.

Our Foundation Stage 2 children are split into three Reception classes. The pupils split their time between Adult Directed lessons in their own classroom and Child Initiated Activities when the children can explore their own learning in any part of the setting they choose, including the garden.

The curriculum in Reception is activity and play based.  These activities are largely initiated by the children themselves and then supported and extended by adults in order to maximise learning opportunities. We plan our curriculum around the children’s current interests, covering topics such as Dinosaurs, Space, Pirates and Castles, with a new topic every few weeks.

Pupils in Reception are working towards the Early Learning Goals for the end of the Foundation Stage. Children’s experiences are extended in a range of areas including listening, speaking, concentration, persistence, and learning how to work together in order to become independent, enthusiastic and innovative lifelong learners.  Extra-curricular activities such as visitors, themed days, visits to places in the local area and further afield enhance the curriculum for our children.

We have close links with Earley St Peter’s Church, visiting once a week for a short assembly once the children have settled into school. We are fortunate to have a diverse school community and are able to give the children experience of a variety of cultures first hand thanks to involvement of parents.

We believe that parents are vital partners in their children’s education and encourage parents to work with us in a variety of ways including joining us for Parent Workshops, Stay and Play sessions and helping in the classroom.

We use home/school books to help parents support their child’s learning in school and share and celebrate children’s Learning Journeys regularly.

Our Reception parents say:

 “My daughter was initially scared of the change of starting school, new surroundings and new faces. However now she talks non-stop about school, her friends and the teachers. She absolutely loves it. She’s a child who needs structure and consistency, but also stimulation, which is what she gets at St Peters.  I can already see she is thriving within this environment and school life will be a very positive experience for her.”

“We're really happy with how well our son has settled and by quite how much he is enjoying it! He comes home every evening with stories of his day so seems really engaged with all aspects of his school life.”

“Our daughter has settled very well into 'big school'. She loves her uniform and is always eager to get to school in the mornings. She is already confident with the morning routine.

We are really pleased with the teachers, whose support is readily available in person or by email.”

“My daughter absolutely loves school and that's thanks to the amazing, caring, friendly staff. She has settled in quickly and made new friends, and loves to tell me what she has been up to each day.”

“We were a bit concerned about our daughter starting school as she's a July child and would be one of the youngest of her year and we were worried about how she would cope. However she's taken to school like a duck to water. The teachers have been very supportive, especially on the mornings when she has been nervous and tearful at drop off. The school have provided very helpful guidelines on all sorts of things from how to prepare your child for school to guidance on how to help with homework. They also provide lessons to the parents on phonics which is very useful. They even placed my child with children from her nursery so she had ready made friends which has really helped her with settling in. Thank you for giving her the best possible start to the next 3000 days at school.”

“I felt apprehensive about my child going to school as I didn't know what to expect. But the familiarisation sessions definitely helped, as he didn't cry on his first day in school, and looked happy when I picked him up! It was great that my child was arranged in the same class as his friends from the nursery so he didn't feel alone. His teacher was also helpful in answering all my questions related to school uniform and what my child needs to bring to school. The talk organised by the Parent Support Advisor before term started was very useful as I received tips on how to help my child settle in his school.”

“Our daughter has settled in very easily to school and is making good progress with her reading and writing. All the staff are helpful and friendly. She says that her favourite part of school is going to the library and playing outside .”