Pupil Premium Strategy

The Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding given to schools and academies to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. It was first introduced in April 2011. Since then the amount schools and academies receive has increased. Schools and academies will receive funding based on the number of pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years.

As an inclusive school, we want to see all our pupils thrive as successful learners socially and academically through high quality teaching. Our ultimate goal is that no child is left behind socially, or academically because of disadvantage. Through our vision we seek to create the conditions for our pupils to be the best they can be through removing low expectations, raising lifelong aspirations and focus on removing barriers to learning and achieving excellence.

Our Pupil Premium Plan aims to address the main barriers our children face and through rigorous tracking, careful planning and targeted support and intervention, provide all children the access and opportunities to enjoy academic success.

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Our ultimate objectives are to:
  • Remove barriers to learning created by poverty, family circumstance and background
  • Narrow the attainment gaps between disadvantaged pupils and their non-disadvantaged counterparts both within school and nationally
  • Ensure ALL pupils are able to read fluently and with good understanding to enable them to access the breadth of the curriculum
  • Develop confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts
  • Enable pupils to look after their social and emotional wellbeing and to develop resilience.
  • Access a wide range of opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world
Key Principles:

We will ensure that effective teaching, learning and assessment meets the needs of all pupils through the rigorous analysis of data. Class teachers will identify through the class pupil premium plan specific intervention and support for individual pupils which will be reviewed at least termly. Alongside academic support, we will ensure that those pupils who have social, emotional and mental health needs will access high quality provision from appropriately trained adults.

At Earley St Peter's CE Primary School, we are committed to ensuring all our children make the best possible progress. We track the achievement of every child on a regular basis and do all we can to make sure each child achieves their potential.